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What is the LEPC?

The LEPC is a local group that meets every 3rd Thursday to discuss training, planning and events that have occurred in our community in regard to emergencies and disaster response. 

The LEPC is made up of community leaders, emergency response agencies, local business and industry, volunteer agencies as well as private citizens.

EPCRA - Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act was passed in response to concerns regarding the environmental and safety hazards posed by the storage and handling of toxic chemicals  These concerns were triggered by the disaster in Bhopal, India in which more than 2,000 people suffered death or serious injury from the accidental release of Methyl Isocyanate.  To reduce the likelihood of such a disaster in the  United States, Congress imposed requirements on both States and regulated facilities.

The LEPC is also responsible for receiving Tier II reports from business and industry in our community of chemical inventories at their facilities.

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